Kollab is an original startup founded in late 2015. Our mission is to provide a unique service for musicians of all kinds – whether you want to collaborate, learn or network with other musicians, Kollab is your one stop solution.

The founders of Kollab are both working musicians over 20 years collective experience, so we know first hand the frustrations musicians can face. With home recording so readily available today, we want to take this to the next level by making it easy for musicians across the world to connect and work together. Who says you shouldn’t be able to make a living and have fun at the same time by sharing your musical gift with the world? Not us…

In this digital age we have almost everything we could ask for only a click away, but for musicians resources are still thin on the ground at best. There is no definitive service that can provide:

> access to other musicians all across the globe
> the ability to buy musical services instantly for a fixed price with a guaranteed delivery date
> the facility to sell your musical services to an exclusive community of amateur and professional musicians
> interactive online tuition
> the facility to connect with some of the leading recording studios and artists in the industry


We are a growing community of musicians and music teachers, so if you want to get involved we urge you to create your free account today. No other online company is as dedicated as we are to helping musicians make money from their talent – and make some great music in the process.

We will soon be launching our first round of crowdfunding, and if you want to become a part of an exciting musical revolution we urge you to get involved. Not only will you be part of the Kollab family, but you will also be entitled to some great discounts and offers.


We are always looking for talented, creative and music-loving individuals to join our team. If you are interested please send a copy of your CV to hello@kollab.co.