Jazz. It’s a musical genre that will always divide opinion…to some people it’s a lifestyle and way of playing that can never be fully discovered. To others, they would rathe gauge their eyeballs out with a spoon than listen to a whole albums worth of intense jazz. 

No matter where you stand on this, there is no denying that to be a jazz musician requires a tremendous amount of musical ability.

Thanks to Kollab, it’s now easy to find jazz musicians online…

As a musician, I have found over the years that when studying the techniques of some of my favourite players, it often leads back to jazz. Especially in pop, funk, disco and soul music, many of the greats had their roots in jazz music, and it’s certainly a genre that every musician should explore at some point in their career. 

If you are looking to find quality jazz musicians online then Kollab can certainly help. We have some well respected players who can work with you remotely, although we also offer a personal recommendation service if you are looking for a specific player, instrument or part.

What is the Kollab personal recommendation service?

Simply drop us a message with what you are looking for – for example a jazz flute player, some bassoon, a jazz drummer who can record custom parts for you, and we will find the right player for you through our global network of session musicians.

This service means that we do all of the legwork for you, at no extra cost. Once we have put you in touch with your musician, they will message you direct about your requirements and get to work on your song. 

Here are a couple of Kollab musicians who can offer you jazz services today:


Ed Roth – Keyboards/Piano/Synth/Organ

Ed Roth

Ed is a virtuoso musician ready to work with you today

Ed has worked with some huge stars over the years including the Brothers Johnson, Peter Frampton, Annie Lennox and more. Message Ed direct on his profile with details of your project. 


Dan Hawkins – Bass

Dan Hawkins bass

Dan is a versatile session player who can offer you some jazzy basslines

Dan is a highly experienced session bassist working in London, he is fluent in many styles including jazz and available to hire right now. You can message Dan direct with details of your project.

Looking for something specific? Drop us a line and we will find the perfect musician for you. 


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Find jazz musicians online through Kollab and use our personal recommendation service
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