It’s just after 10AM, and James has only just got out of bed. This might seem like a late start to most people, but thankfully James isn’t a slave to the same 9-5 rotation that most people are. 

Being a freelance mix engineer means that James often works until the early hours of the morning. This is a time when he finds he is at his most creative, and while the rest of the world sleeps, he is making beats. 

The day always starts with a strong cup of black coffee, before sitting down to check in on emails. The inbox has around 10 new messages, and they are all bringing something positive.

The first two emails are expressing thanks and gratitude from some recent clients he has worked with. One is a young female singer/songwriter who has just worked with James on her first EP. She had recorded this herself at home using Logic X, and when the mix and overall sound quality wasn’t up to scratch she decided it needed a professional mixing engineer to bring it all together. She had found James through Kollab, the UK’s first online platform for hiring professional music producers. 

The second email is from a heavy metal band who are over the moon with the mix James has provided them for the latest track. They had worked with a local producer in their home town of Ontorio, but they were unhappy with the mix and unable to afford another costly day in the studio they went online and found James through Kollab. After a few messages back and forth, James delivered the track to them five days later securely through the website. 

Although based in London, James frequently works with clients from all over the world – some of his repeat customers are based in Sweden, Canada, LA and France. With a world of musicians at his fingertips, James could never imagine going back to working in a dingy local studio and hoping for the best. Life has never been so good for a mix engineer, and now he can let the clients come to him. 

After answering some more messages from prospective clients, and listening to some mixes that people want help with, James puts his laptop away and the rest of the day is his own. Preferring to work late at night, he won’t enter his home studio until around 7PM, leaving him most of the day to spend with family and relaxing. 

This may seem like a fairytale existence to some, especially those of us who are slaving away in day jobs, only to feverishly work at our music careers in the few hours we get to ourselves. 

It doesn’t have to be this way…remote recording is going to change the way musicians and producers work forever. 

At Kollab, we firmly believe in creating the ultimate platform to empower creatives to make a living doing what they want, and for musicians to be able to hire the best talent possible to create music they are proud of and get it out there. 

Will you join the revolution? Sign up for your free account now and get involved. 

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Working as a freelance mix engineer means working on your own terms

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A day in the life of a freelance mix engineer
Discover how to you can work on your own terms as a freelance mix engineer
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