Every recording artist at every level knows that mastering of your track is when everything finally comes together.

All of the weeks or months you spent writing, arranging, re-writing, recording, starting over, mixing, EQ’ing, producing and whatever else finally seem worth it when you get that shiny master delivered.

A good mastering engineer should not do anything drastic to the song in general – it is rather a subtle process and in all honesty depends on a solid base (e.g.a strong mix and EQ to start with).

Through Kollab, you can hire producers that offer music mastering services remotely.

We have producers and mastering engineers that are masters of their craft, and for a small percentage of the cost of hiring a mastering engineer through a studio, you can get pro studio results. Thats right, essentially you are just cutting out those expensive studio fees. All of our producers have studio level setups in home studios, so why pay over the odds just pay the electricity bills at an over the top recording space?

Aubrey Whitfield - female producer

Aubrey Whitfield is one of the UK’s most in demand female producers

This new way of approaching mastering and music production is set to revolutionise the music scene. Now, it is possible for unsigned artists with limited budgets to give their tracks a radio friendly master. This has made it possible for tracks to get picked up from free sites such as Soundcloud, gain popularity and wind up on BBC or national radio playlists.

If you’re an aspiring artist, musician or DJ looking to get your songs maximum airplay and break out, then you MUST utilise the services of audio professionals such as mastering engineers, mixing engineers and music producers.

Even if you have a good grounding in music production yourself, unless you are doing it for a living is it really worth sacrificing the hours for something a professional will do so much better for a marginal fee?

How many hours will it take you at home on Logic or Reason to replicate the mix and master of a professional who has worked with top ten artists? 10 hours? 100 hours? However long, this is time better spent on writing and creating your music rather than toiling on a service that can be easily attained elsewhere.

This approach is like entering a street race with Lewis Hamilton in your car, but insisting you drive and he sits in the passenger seat…

This approach is very common because most unsigned artists have a tight budget at the front of their mind. We agree that you have to be wary of costs when you are promoting your music career, and our blog will be offering more advice on this. But, when ti comes to expenses, mastering services should be at the top of your priority list if you want to succeed…

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