If you’re a producer, songwriter, artist or even a band looking to hire a vocalist to work for you remotely, that’s great news!

At Kollab we have a wide range of vocalists available covering most genres.

Can’t find exactly what you need or short on time? Click here to let us know what kind of vocalist you’re looking for and let us do the legwork for you.

Before you make any decisions, there are some key factors you should consider before hiring vocalists…

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Kollab has a range of female and male vocalists to hire – here is one of our top female vocalists Vicky Jackson performing live…

#1 – Male or Female?

Deciding whether you want a male or female vocal for your track is the first thing you should consider. If the track is already written, perhaps with a ghost vocal, then you may already have this decision made.

Also, if the lyrics are already written it’s important to consider who will be singing them. This may sound obvious, but this is often overlooked. For example, if you’re a male you may have wrote your lyrics from a the perspective of a man without realising it, and these small nuances will be picked up on by listeners. 

If you haven’t wrote your lyrics or melodies yet, it may be worth listening to the track and picturing the kind of vocal you want to hear on the song. Is it male or female? Are there any reference tracks you have in mind that are a similar vein to the track your writing? Do they have male or female vocals?

#2 – Genre

The next thing is to consider the genre any potential vocalists usually work in. Just because someone has a great voice doesn’t mean it will  be suitable for your track. For example, you may find a vocalist with a very sweet, subtle voice, but this probably isn’t going to work if you are working on a high energy EDM song that you want people to scream along to in the club.

Vocalists tend to have preferred genres they are comfortable working in, and by paying attention to genres they specialise in also means you will get the best out of them. 

#3 – Key

Another thing to consider is the key your song is in – this is particularly important if you have already recorded a ghost vocal or melody for the singer to emulate. The logical way to avoid disappointment is to message the vocalist direct before you place your order. This way you can send them any reference files you have and make sure they are happy to perform it.

Remember, all musicians on Kollab are vetted so nobody is going to waste your time or commit to something they cannot deliver. You can private message all Kollab singers from their profile page or directly from the member search.

#4 – Delivery Time

We try not to encourage rushing orders, as it only puts pressure on the sellers and in all honesty it is better to wait a few extra days if it means getting the results you want from your signer. Vocalists will give you an accurate delivery time, and unless there is a good reason you need it sooner (i.e. a sync or pitch deadline) then it’s best not to push them for a sooner delivery.  

The singers listed ‘session’ will display their delivery time, so you can make sure you are happy with this before placing your order. If in doubt, simple drop any vocalists a message and ask if they can deliver sooner, but bear in mind there may be an additional fee for express delivery.

#5 – Portfolio

Lastly, always check the singers portfolio and audio samples to make sure you are happy with how they perform. Every musician on Kollab should have audio and video samples for you to listen to, but if you want to hear more or specific examples then just drop them a message and they will be happy to show you more examples.

Remember, Kollab is a community and we encourage buyers and sellers to communicate as much as possible so that working together runs smoothly. 


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At Kollab we have a wide range of vocalists available covering a range of genres.
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